Smart Motorised Curtains and Blinds

Smart Motorised Curtains and Blinds

Compatible Brands

Choose to go wireless or be wired to a curtain switch!

Home-A-Genius can do both!

Wireless Integration

Seamless integration with AOK, Somfy, Hunter Douglas & TOSO motors.

No need for additional wiring for curtain switch.

No extra switches on your wall!

Our Partners


Our Partners


Curtain Switch integration

We can link up with any brands under the sun for this! Just let us know which curtain motor you want to link up and we will work it out for you!

Venetian Blinds Integration

Open/Close veins by smart home? No Problem!

Control curtains/blinds from various brands with a single command, a single touch, on a single app

all on Home-A-Genius Smart Floorplan

Open/Close your shades
with one touch or voice command

Smart Curtain Systems

Smart Curtain Tracks to move your beautiful drapes to your desired brightness.
Light Tug to Start/Stop curtains; stop it by tugging it in the opposite direction.
Battery-powered solutions are available for home owners who would like to go wireless.

"Ok Google, set Curtain brightness to 0%"

Smart Curtains, Smart Blinds Solutions

Upgrade your smart home with smart curtains that run automatically.

Many Commands for Curtains: Mobile App, Voice Command, Wireless Switch or Magic Cube

Scheduling: Motorised curtains to open in the morning and close when you leave for work.

Sensor Automation: Temperature sensor and Home-A-Genius Hub to close smart curtains when the room becomes warm.

Smart Home App & Voice Controls

Control your smart or motorised curtains with voice or a single tap.