Smart Light Automation: Nanoleaf Singapore – See the music in colors

Nanoleaf - just lights only mah.

Nanoleaf is more than just a gamers' haven lights display. It is a futuristic light, mood setter and a music visualizer in your home. Being a really curious and up-to-date technology company, we've purchased one months ago to welcome our new office. Attached some images of our Nanoleaf in the office.

Nanoleaf | Smart Light Setup | Smart Home Automation | Smart Home Setup
Nanoleaf | Smart Light Setup | Smart Home Automation | Smart Home Setup

Understand my photography skills aren't the best. I have attached some Instagram worthy images from the web, to give Nanoleaf some justice.

Baby room with Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf as part of baby's room deco + light source.

Credits: imguruweb.com

Nanoleaf | Smart Light Setup | Smart Home Automation | Smart Home Setup

Simple light decoration for living room. More quirks than the normal cove lights.

Credits: UrbanOutfitters

Setting up your Nanoleaf

This smart light is one of the easiest lights to setup. How simple? So simple we did not even need anyone else to help (no electricians, no dads, just me alone).

Nanoleaf Rhythm Module 9 panel pack

Nanoleaf Light Panels: As we've tried out the pack (very eagerly), we forgot to take photos of the unboxed view. The box comes with a 9 piece light panel, a 3-pin UK adapter, several 3M double sided tapes, several panel connectors, a control panel and also the most important RHYTHM MODULE.

You'll first need to attach the 3-pin UK adapter to a power source. The first panel will be connected to the control panel. Once connected, it will light up with this super bright white light. I have also connected the rhythm module to the first panel for simplicity sake. You can place the Rhythm module on any panel.

Nanoleaf | Smart Light Setup | Smart Home Automation | Smart Home Setup

Next, stick the 3M on the next panel and use the panel connectors to connect it with the first panel. After all panels are up, you are up for the app connection.

Nanoleaf panel connector

Setting up your Nanoleaf App

First, download the Nanoleaf app from AppStore (or Google PlayStore).

Nanoleaf | Smart Light Setup | Smart Home Automation | Smart Home Setup

The cool thing about the Nanoleaf app is that there is no need to log in to any account and the app still works fine. Skip all the log in functions and dive directly to the more option at the bottom right of the app. Select "My Devices", "+" at the top right of the app, Light Panels, Start Pairing. Afterwhich, simply follow the instructions on the app and WHOLLA! Your Nanoleaf is ready!

Nanoleaf | Smart Light Setup | Smart Home Automation | Smart Home Setup

During this process you'll need to ensure that the Nanoleaf has power supply. Also, note that Nanoleaf app control only works on one mobile device (if you are using the local connection method). We've tried to access the Nanoleaf via multiple devices, however we were made to do a factory reset on the Nanoleaf before the app can find the Nanoleaf in the list of devices.

Start Jamming!

Now that your Nanoleaf has been paired, it's time to JAM!

There are several cool stuffs on the app:

1. Dashboard: This is probably the most frequently used page for me. Turn on the Rhythm Module by toggling the button on the left to On.

Scrolling down the page will give you various light designs from the Nanoeaf team.

You can also adjust the brightness of the leaf by scrolling the brightness bar right beside the toggle button.

Nanoleaf | Smart Light Setup | Smart Home Automation | Smart Home Setup

2. Discover: This is the second most frequently used page in the app. You can preview the lights before downloading the new light designs into your Nanoleaf.

Tip: My favorite is Electric Chills within the Rhythm section. The light dances really well with the playlist "Light & Easy"/"Chill Hits" on Spotify.

Nanoleaf + Home-A-Genius

The magic about smart home automation is not being able to control these guys from different apps. It is about how you can simply scream "Alexa, turn on Music Mode" and your various lights (from all sorts of brands) start changing accordingly. We even spiced up the game by adding a Magic Cube from Xiaomi Aqara.

Smart Home Automation has evolved to more than just turning on/off lights. At this time and age, Smart home automation should answer to the user's comfort, ambiance and convenience level. The Nanoleaf has enhanced the whole smart home experience by adding color and mood to the home.

I would say a 4 out of 5 to buy this cool device. Why minus one? Technically, it is not a need. You will still enjoy the convenience & comfort of a smart home even without it. With it, you'll get to enjoy the luxury of smart home to its maximum.

The Nanoleaf Light Panel Starter Kit is going at $359. We have officially become distributors for Nanoleaf Singapore (YAYYYY!). Whatsapp us to order yours now!

Smart home Automation can be complex, we are always here to help. Contact us or even drop by for a visit if you are keen to have a look/demo of the Nanoleaf real time.

Disclaimer: Nanoleaf works directly with Google Assistant, Alexa & IFTTT. Just that i haven't gotten the chance to try it out.