Say Hello to Endless Possibilities & Limitless Abilities

Say Hello to Smart!

Introducing our most advanced Smart Home system yet.
With seamless integration with the widest range of electronics, fixtures and device.
Every homeowner can now imagine the comfort and experience fun within their home.

The Greatness of Intelligent Control

Did you forget to do something before you left your home?
Worry no more, you can now control everything with just simple taps on your phone.

Staying at home, will never be boring anymore
With our breakthrough in Smart Home Innovation, you can even expect such possibilities within your own home.

Just imagine it being similar to the one you see in Tony Stark’s home, where you can simply just walk into a room and the light and aircon switches on automatically.

A Smart System So Advanced,

it controls all your home electronics in one app.

Work and play in the same room!

Smart Lights will convert the same room into different modes depending on how you want it to be! Simply hook up to Philips HUE lighting to turn your study room into a gaming room!

Relax! You deserve it!

Just sit back and let Home-A-Genius run your smart home for you at a single tap on the Smarter Switch.

Get them to sleep on time!

Use Circadian Rhythm to regulate your kids' sleep cycle! Everything made simple with Home-A-Genius AI.

Temperature Regulation

With Home-A-Genius AI, you can turn off your Air-Con and turn on your fan without anyone intervening.

Bathe in the right temperature

Set a routine for your heater solution so your family can rest to their max and bathe at the right temperature!



When Smart Home Devices meet our Smart Hub,

You will fall in love with your home over and over again.

When Smart Home Devices meet our Smart Hub,

You will fall in love with your home over and over again.




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Phyu MonPhyu Mon
03:15 27 Mar 24
Thank you Home-A-Genius and team for the smart home. Really thought very long with my husband how to have the greatest possible convenience in our new house. With the smart switches (Conveniently using my app, voice control to control), smart heater switch (which won't let me wait so long for my water to boil before i have a bath), CCTV( everything in 1 app to see where we don't have to use a cloud system) everything seems so splendid. From the beginning to the end there is minor hiccups, but everything is all solved between contractors and contractors. Thank you Ronell, Shirley, Malcolm, Hong Chin, Caesar, Krishnan and Kumar. Once again thank you for everything. If you would need smart home, Home-A-Genius i would recommend.
Kah Min TanKah Min Tan
11:24 23 Mar 24
Engaged HAG a few months ago after having second thoughts on a competitor. They were nice enough to accommodate to our last minute appointment and a joint visit with our electrician.The journey with them was smooth and their professionalism was evident throughout the process, and they were very prompt in resolving issues. Technicians/Electricians are very knowledgeable and explored various ways of resolving issues on hand.Their in-house app is as per what they have marketed. Very professional and easy to use.Many thanks to everyone from the team that contributed to our smart home - Jerry, Ronell, Shirley, Alice, Malcolm, Krishnan, Kumar, Eric, Sabrina and Hong Chin!:)
Imraan ShaffiImraan Shaffi
10:49 10 Mar 24
I would like to compliment Jerry and Stephanie for their outstanding service at Home-a-genius. They truly understand their customers' needs and excel in customizing solutions. Their dedication to their work is evident, along with the entire back-end staff who conduct a thorough check on our place's capabilities and offer tailored suggestions. Jerry and Stephanie go above and beyond by delving into every detail of our home, ensuring seamless usability for homeowners. I have visited numerous smart home shops, but Home-a-genius stands out for its exceptional service and personalised approach. Such a unique and pleasant experience with them. Kudos to Jerry, Stephanie, and the entire team for their exceptional dedication and customer-centric focus! Great job guys, we need more dedicated company like you!
Joseph ChenJoseph Chen
11:29 29 Feb 24
I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have found Home-A-Genius Pte Ltd for my smart home revamp. My previous experience with smart home technology was nothing short of a nightmare, with flickering lights and constant issues plaguing my home. Initially, I was misinformed by another vendor about the compatibility of smart switches with non-neutral switches, leading to years of frustration.However, everything changed when I reached out to Shirley and Ronell at Home-A-Genius. With their patient guidance and expertise, I finally understood the importance of the neutral wire and made the decision to revamp my entire house. The smart home team at Home-A-Genius was incredibly detailed and dedicated, spending an entire day setting up my smart TV, switches, blinds, and even transforming non-smart devices into smart ones.Now, I am living in my dream home, free from the headaches and hassles of my previous smart home setup. Looking back, I only wish I had chosen Home-A-Genius from the start. Thank you to Shirley, Ronell, and the entire team for turning my house into a truly smart and functional home. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a reliable and expert smart home solution provider!
Gek ChengGek Cheng
09:37 29 Feb 24
Splendid! Finally we are able to get what we want for such a long time! A dream came true. My husband which is really interested in a smart home for a long long time, for our new house, we finally did it. Not only 28 port wifi solution + doorcam and all the smart switches are so slicked in the house! Asthetic wise is also very pleasant. Thank you so much Ronell and Team Home-A-Genius! All the support team are also very helpful. Keep up the good work and may everyone that wants a smart home, you can find them!
Bryan ChongBryan Chong
08:14 29 Jan 24
I had a fantastic experience with Home A Genius, thanks to Jimmy. He explained their smart home services in great detail and with utmost patience. Jimmy focused on our needs, customizing a package that fit our budget perfectly, without any hard selling. His approach was customer-centric, making us feel valued and understood. Home A Genius is lucky to have him. We’re excited about our chosen package and look forward to a follow-up review after installation in our new home. Highly recommend!
Farhanah SamsudinFarhanah Samsudin
14:21 31 Dec 23
I had a good experience with Home-A-Genius during the setup of my smart home. Ronell guided me through the various options and ensured that the smart home solution was tailored to my specific needs.The smart home setup staff, Eric and Hong Chin’s expertise in configuring the devices and optimising the smart home’s functionality led to the seamless execution of the installation.We are still pending some items which are not yet ready due to the year end implementation and understand that resources are unavailable as yet. Definitely looking forward for these items to be ready soon.
Charles NgCharles Ng
09:48 30 Dec 23
It’s was the right choice to have chosen Home-A-Genius for our smart home installation. They were very professional and had in depth knowledge in smart home design. The process from start to completion was smooth and without any issues! Kudos to Ronell and whole smart home setup team including Eric, Hong Chin, Zamien, Kumar. Thank you again for giving us a wonderful home with all the modern convenience!!! Will definitely recommend our friends to try Home-A-Genius!!!
Gurvinder SidhuGurvinder Sidhu
05:56 30 Dec 23
It was my first smart home setup and experience. Having met a couple of vendors, we decided to proceed with Home-A-Genius due to a couple of factors. We met up with Ronell who walked us through their product suite and took time to understand what we had envisioned. Based on that, he advised us on what would work well and what wouldn’t, while taking our budget into consideration. He thoroughly explained how their solutions faired against competitors. The transparency, product knowledge and pre & post support that Ronell and his team, Malcolm (Project Manager) and smart home setup staff Eric, Hong Chin, Zamien, Kumar provided left me with a great experience. I highly rate my experience with Home-A-Genius from start till end and recommend their services to whoever is looking for a Smarthome setup.
Desmond TangDesmond Tang
07:59 27 Dec 23
Wanted to have a smart home for my new bto home and chance upon HAG .. was attended by Ronell and team and the experience was very smooth and pleasant 👌Ronell and team has been very responsive and responsible for all that needs to be done with the knowledge and ability to show how easy it is to use a smart home to our convenience 🏪Overall I want to say a thank you to Ronell and team for the smart home integrationThumbs 👍 up !!!
Hong WenHong Wen
07:05 22 Dec 23
Big thanks to HAG for such great experience! We were working with Ronell from the start and he provided great support throughout the process. He explained to us all the products and their function in how they can intergrade to our house.The whole process was very smooth as HAG will analysis the floorplan and advise the products needed to meet our requirement. They visited our place a few times during the renovation stage to ensure all wiring were set up accordingly so to eliminate any issue during the installation phase.Really appreciate the integration team - Eric, Hong Chin, Zamien & Kumar who ensure all the products & integration are set up correctly before handing over to us. Highly recommend HAG to anyone looking to make their home smart!
Anna AAnna A
05:04 21 Dec 23
My husband and I signed up with Home-A-Genius for our smart home package and we surely didn’t regret our decision.We signed up with Stephanie who explained everything in details.Shirley subsequently followed up with us before and during the installation phase and she was really great and most importantly, very patient.The installation staff - Malcolm, Eric, Hong Chin, Caeser and Kumar, also did a good job and explained the process well. We kinda rushed them cos we had other plans but they were really patient with us.Thanks to the team for the great service! Though it wasn’t exactly cheap, we’re loving our smart home nevertheless.
Krista Van Der WoodsenKrista Van Der Woodsen
08:24 28 Nov 23
I recently had the pleasure of upgrading my home with a smart home system, and I can't express enough how satisfied I am with the outstanding service provided by Shirley, Malcolm, Ceasar, Hong Chin, Kumar and Eric! From start to finish, their expertise and dedication truly made this experience top-notch.If you're considering transforming your home into a smart haven, look no further than this fantastic team. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them the go-to choice for anyone seeking a superior smart home experience.
akmal syahmiakmal syahmi
16:23 31 Oct 23
Our experience with Home-A-Genius was a pretty seamless one.We appreciate the efforts from Ronell, Kumar and team for providing valuable advice and diligently arranging for the implementation of our smart home plan .Although there were some hiccups due to miscommunication with our Interior Designers, we were generally satisfied with the resultant outcome once our home was optimised with functional smart features.The Home-A-Genius staff seem willing to have open discussion with their clients which is extremely important to us.If you want to live in a smart home and save the time and hassle of figuring out ways to make it work, Home-A-Genius is a reliable solution you can count on.
Junaidi JasniJunaidi Jasni
15:18 31 Oct 23
Our journey with Home-A-Genius, our smart home contractor, has been nothing short of a remarkable adventure. It's hard to find the right words to express just how exceptional our experience was.From the very outset, Ronell, our main point of contact, showcased an unrivaled commitment to customer service. His responsiveness was not just prompt; it was nothing short of lightning-fast. Regardless of the hour, he was always at our disposal, addressing every question and concern with a level of professionalism and expertise that left us in awe. The patience, courtesy and politeness he displayed made us feel like we were their top priority and he consistently went above and beyond to ensure our complete satisfaction.Another true marvel was the way they seamlessly collaborated with our interior designer. I initially had concerns about potential disagreements and communication issues, but those worries were quickly put to rest. Special kudos to Ronell again and Malcolm, our project manager. They worked harmoniously, ensuring that our smart home solutions integrated flawlessly with our electrician. Their ability to collaborate and adapt to our needs was truly impressive.The brilliant smart home setup team's (including Eric, Hong Chin, Krishnan, and Caesar, led by Malcolm) workmanship was nothing short of outstanding. Malcolm provided several practical advise that we are grateful for, they paid meticulous attention to every detail, patiently guiding us through the intricacies of the system, and managed cables with a level of precision that exceeded our expectations.In conclusion, if you're seeking a smart home contractor that provides unparalleled customer service, professionalism, and a level of collaboration that leaves you utterly impressed, look no further. Our house now stands as a testament to the incredible talent of Home-A-Genius and their exceptional team. They didn't just meet our expectations; they far exceeded them.Thanks again to Ronell, Malcolm, Eric, Hong Chin, Krishnan and Caesar. We really cant thank you enough.
Weiming LimWeiming Lim
12:29 31 Oct 23
It's our first home Automation which I have always dream of, and HAG fulfill that deam of mine. Kudos to Ronell , Malcolm and the rest of the team Eric , Hong Chin, Krishnan, Caesar and Kumar for delivering the top notch service and quality.
Fiona SimFiona Sim
09:53 31 Oct 23
We walked into their showroom not knowing what to expect, except that we wanted a smart home setup. Ronell served us and was very patient in explaining the whole process to us.Best part of HAG is that you don’t need to be particularly tech-savvy to engage them. They take care of most technical things for you, and liaise with the ID/electrician during the reno process so it’s *mostly* hands-off for the owners.Perhaps the more technical portion comes from setting up and pairing additional devices or scenes after it’s done. But it’s actually pretty easy and intuitive since most of us own a smart phone anyway, quite straightforward! There’s also a helpline for when you need help with additional pairing or have questions about it.The team setting up and teaching us on how to do it were all very patient as well! Thanks to the team; Malcolm, Eric, Hong Chin, Krishnan, Caesar!Overall would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a pretty fuss-free smart home setup! 🙂
Jieming FooJieming Foo
12:39 30 Oct 23
HAG’s service has been exemplary. Service has been good and response from Stephanie and Shirley have been quick.On the day of set up, Malcolm, Eric, Hong Chin, Kumar and Caezar put in a lot of hard work to set up the connections. Kumar did an excellent job in cable management as well.It’s been 2 weeks past the set up and I am really enjoying this smart home implementation. HAG’s after sales help desk have been really good and have helped to solve some of the technical issues too.
Ellse KevinEllse Kevin
13:48 30 Sep 23
Had my smart home system setup just completed by HAG and kudos to Malcolm, Alice and esp the four engineers whom came down to setup my place as they display professionalism and gave me good advice for any question or clarification I have. Post-setup support has been satisfactory till date.For people considering HAG, one advice I could share is to ensure your requirements are communicated properly to the sales team as early as possible so that the initial electrical works, setup, and especially costs would be clearer to you since there is bound to have customizations required (based on your devices, requirements, functions you want) on top of the standard packages so once that is clear, the rest of steps should fall into place once all the requirements are finalized.Overall my experience has been positive with the team so would recommend to consider them as you evaluate the various smart solutions provider and go down to the showroom for a chat.
11:58 07 Sep 23
Home-A-Genius isn't the smart home provider on our list when were sourcing for one. Incidentally someone mentioned Home-A-Genius and we decided to drop in to take a look.Stephanie was the rep who attended to us when we were there for a showroom visit. We found her friendlier than the others we have met up with and she is also very responsive to questions, even in the early evenings.She has also done a lot of coordinating work with my ID and didn't need much from us beyond the planning phase.Come the time for installation and setting up the various switches and various components, the team lead by project manager Malcolm and the smart home setup staff , Eric , Hong Chin, Krishnan and Caesar were efficient and friendly too.They had made sure everything worked as required and also helped to setup additional scenes for our other daily usage according to our lifestyle (besides teaching us how to set it up ourselves).Being first timers living in and using smart home system, we have had much issues as we tried setting up additional routines which didn't work or accidentally change the wrong settings that caused things not work at times.Getting help from the live support was quick and responsive. Issues can typically be resolved within the day if not a couple of hours. Support visits are scheduled at the earliest date/time available.This is a good service if one is not keen to handle and troubleshoot issues.Overall experience with Home-A-Genius is a plesant one made possible by Stephanie and the project team.
Muhammad HafizMuhammad Hafiz
07:18 27 Aug 23
Was looking to setup a smart home and decided to give HAG a try. Now that our home is ready, I must say that they are the real deal - Ronell has been ever helpful and patient from the moment we visited the showroom. We are particularly impressed with his attention to detail and support throughout the implementation period. Apart from Ronell, the highly professional and effective HAG implementation team gave us a pleasant experience during the installation and training. Recommended for anyone who is interested in a smart home set up!
Lim YouyaoLim Youyao
06:57 27 Aug 23
Very good setting up process, I did not need to make much of a input into the setting up of the smart home, the team did it base on their experience. Thanks to all the team that is involve, Ronell , Malcolm( project manager) and smart home setup staff , Eric , Hong Chin, Krishnan and Caesar.
Lin JerlynLin Jerlyn
07:03 22 Aug 23
Thanks to Home-A-Genius team - Ronell, who walk us through what Smart home can do for us. Fast and efficient during the set up- Malcolm( project manager) and smart home setup staff , Eric , Hong Chin, Krishnan and Caesar and also the backend support team who help to solve any issues with prompt response.Highly recommend to anyone who is looking out for Smart Home!
Freddie TeoFreddie Teo
00:43 20 Aug 23
Experience with HAG was a smooth experience, the service provided by the HAG team (Stephanie, Malcolm, Eric, Hong Chin, Krishnan, Cesar) was pleasant.
Calvin GohCalvin Goh
09:00 01 Jul 23
I recently had the pleasure of working with Home-A-Genius Smart Home to transform my new resale flat into a fully integrated smart home. I am delighted to share my positive experience and highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a seamless and efficient smart home integration.From the moment I contacted Home-A-Genius Smart Home, I was impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. Their team of experts guided me through the entire process, ensuring that my specific requirements were met while offering valuable suggestions to enhance the functionality and convenience of my smart home.One aspect that truly stood out was their exceptional follow-up services, both before and after the sale. During the initial consultation, they patiently listened to my needs and preferences, providing comprehensive information about the available options and technologies. Their in-depth knowledge and expertise made it easy for me to make informed decisions.Once the project commenced, the team at Home-A-Genius Smart Home executed everything flawlessly. They meticulously integrated various smart devices, such as lighting controls, security systems, temperature management, and entertainment systems, seamlessly creating a harmonious ecosystem within my home. The installation process was efficient, and their attention to detail was evident in the final outcome.What truly set Home-A-Genius Smart Home apart was their exceptional customer support. They were readily available to address any concerns or questions I had during the implementation process. Their prompt and courteous responses demonstrated their commitment to customer satisfaction.Even after the completion of the project, Home-A-Genius Smart Home's support did not waver. They provided comprehensive instructions and hands-on training, ensuring that I understood how to operate and maximize the potential of my new smart home system. This post-sale support was invaluable, as it helped me fully utilize all the features and functionalities at my disposal.I must also highlight the professionalism and expertise of the installation team from Home-A-Genius Smart Home. They were respectful, punctual, and worked diligently to complete the project within the agreed timeline. Their attention to detail was evident in the flawless execution of the smart home integration, leaving no room for any issues or glitches.Overall, my experience with Home-A-Genius Smart Home was truly exceptional. They provided top-notch smart home integration services with a personal touch. Their outstanding customer support, both before and after the sale, sets them apart from other companies in the industry. I am thoroughly satisfied with the results, and my new smart home has exceeded my expectations. If you are considering transforming your home into a smart haven, I highly recommend Home-A-Genius Smart Home for their expertise, professionalism, and outstanding service.
Jayne AshesJayne Ashes
09:40 30 Jun 23
Chance upon Home a genius while visiting other shops in T-Space. Knowing nothing about home automation, Ronell was patient to explain to us (and again) how it works in layman terms. We were convinced to go with HAG after comparing their service level with other competitors. We were pleased with the constant follow up and the prompt response from the team. A loud shoutout to Ronell, Malcolm and the smart home setup team - Eric, Hong Chin, Krishnan and Caesar. Good job guys!
Edward SiewEdward Siew
05:08 10 Jan 23
I have since been very interest in a Smart Home and after much research I found that Home-A-Genius is the one both me and my wife selected! It has come to our convenience how a Smart Home can be utilized to our daily lives and it has done great wonders! I love how you can personalize your own home and the Tech Team to always provide timely assistance and has always been very very Responsive and Helpful with all queries. I give kudos to Stephanie whom is the first person I've met through our journey to get a smarter home achieved!She has given great advise and follow ups for every point. Also to the Project Team, Malcolm, Krishnan, Eric and Hong Chin for the awesome work when installing my Smart Home.I would definitely recommend any and everyone who wishes to step into the futuristic home which you can experience after your renovation!