A Smart Home System In Singapore That Integrates With The Widest Range Of Electronics And Devices

Control and sync everything with 1 App, with no need for other secondary applications

Say Hello to Endless Possibilities & Limitless Abilities

Say Hello to Smart!

Introducing our most advanced Smart Home system yet.
With seamless integration with the widest range of electronics, fixtures and device.
Every homeowner can now imagine the comfort and experience fun within their home.

The Greatness of Intelligent Control

Did you forget to do something before you left your home?
Worry no more, you can now control everything with just simple taps on your phone.

A Smart System So Advanced,

it controls all your home electronics in one app.

Work and play in the same room!

Smart Lights will convert the same room into different modes depending on how you want it to be! Simply hook up to Philips HUE lighting to turn your study room into a gaming room!

Relax! You deserve it!

Just sit back and let Home-A-Genius run your smart home for you at a single tap on the Smarter Switch.

Get them to sleep on time!

Use Circadian Rhythm to regulate your kids' sleep cycle! Everything made simple with Home-A-Genius AI.

Temperature Regulation

With Home-A-Genius AI, you can turn off your Air-Con and turn on your fan without anyone intervening.

Bathe in the right temperature

Set a routine for your heater solution so your family can rest to their max and bathe at the right temperature!

A smart home system that allows for integration so flexible that you can add almost any other smart device into the Home-A-Genius rule Engine!

Allows you to use any other popular voice command in Singapore

Google Assistant Integration

Alexa Integration

HomeKit Integration
Muslim Prayer Time Integration



When Smart Home Devices meet our Smart Hub,

You will fall in love with your home over and over again.

When Smart Home Devices meet our Smart Hub,

You will fall in love with your home over and over again.




Staying at home, will never be boring anymore
With our breakthrough in Smart Home Innovation, you can even expect such possibilities within your own home.

Just imagine it being similar to the one you see in Tony Stark’s home, where you can simply just walk into a room and the light and aircon switches on automatically.

home-a-genius hub

Hear from our clients

Benjamin ParkBenjamin Park
18:43 30 May 24
I had engaged Homeagenius since last year when I knew I was going to move to a new place. It’s been a very good working experience and the software /app used is very user friendly. The coordination is good, Shirley was very helpful at every step. On the day of installation, Malcolm , Hong Chin & Caesar was very helpful to answer all our questions and set up everything well for our place. If you want a seamless experience in setting up a smart home look no further.
A IskandarA Iskandar
18:17 29 May 24
As a veteran of Smart Home devices, I’m impressed that HAG managed to integrate several platforms that otherwise were incompatible with each other or require multiple apps and bridges. Offline functionality also allows a much higher degree of reliability with minimal issues.It is really a whole new level of convenience and control with near unlimited possibilities should one wish to explore and capitalise on its capabilities. Having all devices connected to one app is a godsend. I’m glad that quality and aesthetics were not compromised while maintaining functionality.I wish to thank the entire team for doing a splendid job setting everything up and making sure the system works as it should. Haven’t regretted choosing HAG as the platform for the new crib. It’s just perfect.
09:38 27 May 24
Home a Genius did a fantastic job with our smart home integration. Initially, we had Ricky, whose lack of knowledge and passion was disappointing. Thankfully, Jerry took over and was amazing, redesigning our package perfectly and ensuring every detail was covered.Malcolm and his team were outstanding during the setup, completing it within a day and providing excellent guidance. Even after installation, they swiftly resolved any issues we had.Kudos to Jerry, Malcolm, and the team for their exceptional service and dedication. Highly recommend!
Kelvin SohKelvin Soh
04:59 23 May 24
Responsive after sales service!
06:04 15 May 24
Our smart home system is generally working fine except that there were some issues every now and then which were resolved quite quickly by the technical staff.
06:04 15 May 24
Our smart home system is generally working fine except that there were some issues every now and then which were resolved quite quickly by the technical staff.
Han Suan TiaHan Suan Tia
08:06 13 May 24
Home-A-Genius service implementation of smart home suits the lifestyle of people who wishes to have smart technology for their home.They were informative, punctual and professional especially frommy smart home consultant, TK Pang, who patiently explained any doubts and problems that may arised. He even took time from his Army reservist's training period to accommodate my enquiries.So far the installation was seamless and efficient. I love being able to control my lights,AC, fan, TV and more easier from smart technology.Overall, I satisfied with the experiences from it and would be even better if smart home can bring the cost of the device, gadgets and software down to a more competitive and affordable rates.Anyway, I will still recommend Smart-home-A-genius to anyone looking to upgrade their home to smart technology. Last but not least, special thanks to TK, Malcolm, Hong Chin, Kumar and Krishnan for the work done..!!
Han Suan TiaHan Suan Tia
01:20 13 May 24
Hyirahh SyahirahhHyirahh Syahirahh
20:44 07 May 24
We are very happy to have found out about Home-A-Genius. We recently engaged Home-A-Genius to upgrade our home with smart technology, and we couldn't be happier with the results. From the very beginning, they impressed us with their expertise, professionalism, communication and customer service.Home-A-Genius has made the entire smart home experience seamless and enjoyable. They are a truly customer-focused company, and we highly recommend them to anyone looking to elevate their home with smart technology.We'd like to give a special thanks to Ronell, Cheryl, Shirley and Jerry for their expertise in guiding us through planning according to our needs, enquiries and product selection. Also not forgetting the installation team Malcolm, Kumar, Krishnan, Hong Chin and Sabrina which did a fantastic job in explaining, giving suggestions and setup.
15:03 06 May 24
Justin OngJustin Ong
14:42 30 Apr 24
The team is very experienced and friendly to deal with. Shirley is very knowledgeable and professional to explain to us on what their product and service can offer to us. The installation team, Malcom, Hong Chin, Krishnan and Kumar did a very good job in installing and getting the whole process tie up to our house. Great job!!!
Alicia LimAlicia Lim
12:52 30 Apr 24
Look for Jerry, he's a funny guy and very accommodating, reply fast to all enquiries. He even worked on his off days to help coordinate the electrical works. The implementation team was also friendly and fast, they completed within a day. Thank you!
Rachel LingRachel Ling
11:21 29 Apr 24
Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Offer some advice and keep the wiring tidy.
05:05 28 Apr 24
So far having great experience with them (Jerry and team) in solving my enquiries and doubts. Great smart home solutioning provided by them.Shout out to Malcolm( Project Manager), Shirley and smart home setup staff , Sabrina , Hong Chin, Krishnan, Caesar and Kumar.
Chiam LeelimChiam Leelim
10:35 27 Apr 24
Hongchin, caeser and malcolm reach on time and provided excellent service in setting up the smart home devices. They also guided me well on the set up of stuff on the app. Kudos!
Phyu MonPhyu Mon
03:15 27 Mar 24
Thank you Home-A-Genius and team for the smart home. Really thought very long with my husband how to have the greatest possible convenience in our new house. With the smart switches (Conveniently using my app, voice control to control), smart heater switch (which won't let me wait so long for my water to boil before i have a bath), CCTV( everything in 1 app to see where we don't have to use a cloud system) everything seems so splendid. From the beginning to the end there is minor hiccups, but everything is all solved between contractors and contractors. Thank you Ronell, Shirley, Malcolm, Hong Chin, Caesar, Krishnan and Kumar. Once again thank you for everything. If you would need smart home, Home-A-Genius i would recommend.
Kah Min TanKah Min Tan
11:24 23 Mar 24
Engaged HAG a few months ago after having second thoughts on a competitor. They were nice enough to accommodate to our last minute appointment and a joint visit with our electrician.The journey with them was smooth and their professionalism was evident throughout the process, and they were very prompt in resolving issues. Technicians/Electricians are very knowledgeable and explored various ways of resolving issues on hand.Their in-house app is as per what they have marketed. Very professional and easy to use.Many thanks to everyone from the team that contributed to our smart home - Jerry, Ronell, Shirley, Alice, Malcolm, Krishnan, Kumar, Eric, Sabrina and Hong Chin!:)
Imraan ShaffiImraan Shaffi
10:49 10 Mar 24
I would like to compliment Jerry and Stephanie for their outstanding service at Home-a-genius. They truly understand their customers' needs and excel in customizing solutions. Their dedication to their work is evident, along with the entire back-end staff who conduct a thorough check on our place's capabilities and offer tailored suggestions. Jerry and Stephanie go above and beyond by delving into every detail of our home, ensuring seamless usability for homeowners. I have visited numerous smart home shops, but Home-a-genius stands out for its exceptional service and personalised approach. Such a unique and pleasant experience with them. Kudos to Jerry, Stephanie, and the entire team for their exceptional dedication and customer-centric focus! Great job guys, we need more dedicated company like you!
Joseph ChenJoseph Chen
11:29 29 Feb 24
I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have found Home-A-Genius Pte Ltd for my smart home revamp. My previous experience with smart home technology was nothing short of a nightmare, with flickering lights and constant issues plaguing my home. Initially, I was misinformed by another vendor about the compatibility of smart switches with non-neutral switches, leading to years of frustration.However, everything changed when I reached out to Shirley and Ronell at Home-A-Genius. With their patient guidance and expertise, I finally understood the importance of the neutral wire and made the decision to revamp my entire house. The smart home team at Home-A-Genius was incredibly detailed and dedicated, spending an entire day setting up my smart TV, switches, blinds, and even transforming non-smart devices into smart ones.Now, I am living in my dream home, free from the headaches and hassles of my previous smart home setup. Looking back, I only wish I had chosen Home-A-Genius from the start. Thank you to Shirley, Ronell, and the entire team for turning my house into a truly smart and functional home. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a reliable and expert smart home solution provider!
Bryan ChongBryan Chong
08:14 29 Jan 24
I had a fantastic experience with Home A Genius, thanks to Jimmy. He explained their smart home services in great detail and with utmost patience. Jimmy focused on our needs, customizing a package that fit our budget perfectly, without any hard selling. His approach was customer-centric, making us feel valued and understood. Home A Genius is lucky to have him. We’re excited about our chosen package and look forward to a follow-up review after installation in our new home. Highly recommend!
Krista Van Der WoodsenKrista Van Der Woodsen
08:24 28 Nov 23
I recently had the pleasure of upgrading my home with a smart home system, and I can't express enough how satisfied I am with the outstanding service provided by Shirley, Malcolm, Ceasar, Hong Chin, Kumar and Eric! From start to finish, their expertise and dedication truly made this experience top-notch.If you're considering transforming your home into a smart haven, look no further than this fantastic team. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them the go-to choice for anyone seeking a superior smart home experience.
Edward SiewEdward Siew
05:08 10 Jan 23
I have since been very interest in a Smart Home and after much research I found that Home-A-Genius is the one both me and my wife selected! It has come to our convenience how a Smart Home can be utilized to our daily lives and it has done great wonders! I love how you can personalize your own home and the Tech Team to always provide timely assistance and has always been very very Responsive and Helpful with all queries. I give kudos to Stephanie whom is the first person I've met through our journey to get a smarter home achieved!She has given great advise and follow ups for every point. Also to the Project Team, Malcolm, Krishnan, Eric and Hong Chin for the awesome work when installing my Smart Home.I would definitely recommend any and everyone who wishes to step into the futuristic home which you can experience after your renovation!

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